Then Benefits of Reusable Straws

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Reducing Single Use Plastics the “Ruralosity Way”

The Benefits of Reusable Straws:

Plastic straws have quickly become a symbolic representation of the world’s
unnecessary reliance on plastic. Worse, they have become a proof point and
representation of plastic’s horrific effects on the environment.

Plastic straws and other single use plastic products cause pollution and damage to the environment during its entire lifespan.
As you may know plastic is made from a non-renewable fossil fuel – oil. Pollution
generated from plastic manufacturing destroys marine life, however, more specifically,
straws made from plastic add to the pollution, which results in irrevocable environmental

A simple, but key way to reduce the disastrous effect that plastic is having on the planet
is to eliminate plastic straws, and replace it with a metal one instead.
An action so “insignificant” in the grand scheme of things might seem futile, but once
you become aware of the environmental damage caused by plastic straws, you will
understand that making a simple change has a big impact!

What are the major benefits of reusable straws i.e stainless steel straws? Unlike
plastic straws, stainless steel drinking straws provide:
  • Longevity: A stainless-steel straw is manufactured and designed to be used again
    and again. It is highly durable, therefore one straw can eliminate the need for hundreds
    of plastic ones.
  • Safety: Did you know that plastic releases chemicals when it comes in contact with
    hot liquid. If your drink is hot and you sip through a plastic straw, your drink can easily
    become contaminated. However, this is not the case with reusable straws. These are
    completely safe and have been rated by the FDA.
    There are a number of options when considering an alternative to a plastic straw such
    as bamboo & glass. However, stainless steel ones are the best option as (i) Glass can
    break (especially in the presence of children) which is a serious safety issue, (ii)
    Bamboo can also can break, plus the material has striated/porous surfaces, making it
    harder to clean and maintain.
  • Easy to Clean: Great news – stainless steel straws are easy to clean – yay! Unlike
    plastic, this type of straw is dishwasher-safe, so you can simply pop it in there after use.
    Our straws also come with a brush cleaner, making handwashing a breeze! Incase you
    didn’t know – stainless steel is also rust proof, so no nasty markings!
  • Portable: Reusable straws (Especially when they come with a beautiful carry bag
    like Ruralosity) are so easy to carry with you wherever you go! They are perfect for use
    in the park, at a campsite, or at work. Additionally, since they are strong, they will not
    break when packed away, making them perfect for any use outside of the home.
  • Eco-friendly: Since petroleum is widely available, plastic items are easy and cheap
    to manufacture. As a result, endless use of plastic items results in vast amounts of
    waste, which has wide-spread damaging effects on the environment.
    The process of making plastic products releases toxic chemicals and fumes. These
    hazardous by-products find their way into the earth’s environment through air, water,
    and land pollution. In addition, plastic straws when improperly disposed, often end up in
    lakes and oceans causing devastating effects on ecosystems and marine life, a good
    example is plastic particles choke marine animals that mistake them for food.
    A reusable straw, however, can directly help to mitigate these dangerous effects. The
    pollution from manufacturing of plastic can be reduced when the demand for plastic is
  • Less Landfill Waste: Plastic waste is one of the main types of waste that ends up
    in a landfill. Of the 335 million metric tons of plastic manufactured yearly, only a tiny
    portion is recycled. This leave the rest to be non-recycled plastic which ends up in
    landfills. Plastic at a landfill can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. During this time,
    the chemicals can leach into the ground, polluting the soil, water, and atmosphere.
  • Reduced Overall Cost: Plastic straws are cheaper than stainless steel and other
    reusable alternatives when considered as single units. However, we need to look at the
    cost in the longer term to get a full understanding of the true cost. Plastic straws are
    single-use items, you use them once throw it away, and then use new one when
    needed (often 5 mins later when you order your next drink at a bar). Consider the
    number of straws you use in one night, one month, one year. What is the overall cost?
    Now let’s compare that with a single metallic straw that you can use and re-use for
    yearsReducing Single Use Plastics the “Ruralosity Way”

Another way to look at the Benefit of Reusable Straws is the cost to the environment and the global healthcare
system. Destroying the environment with landfills full of toxic non-biodegradable plastics
and plastic-derived chemicals is one thing. But there is also the cost of their negative
impact to the environment, air, water, animals, human beings, etc.
In summary, if you’ve become aware of your own environmental impact and you’re
wondering how to reduce your carbon footprint, switching to stainless steel drinking
straws will help you accomplish your goal along with helping to make the world a better
place for everyone (even the turtles!)

Do your part today to reduce Single Use Plastic Waste the “Ruralosity Way”, get your Reusable Stainless Steel Straws here.

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Rural Straws Lifestyles-5

Then Benefits of Reusable Straws

Reducing Single Use Plastics the “Ruralosity Way” The Benefits of Reusable Straws: Plastic straws have quickly become a symbolic representation of the world’s unnecessary reliance

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